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As a part of our Digital Presence The Pop Street has various Production series: Lets Talk Sense , Decode, Challenge Accepted, Khana Tasted, Baatein Unsaid - a Short film.

1. Let’s Talk sense

Let’s Talk Sense covers stories of Strong, Independent & Inspiring Women who unravel their Stories and whose contribution to our society is incredible. Considering what goes Online today as a mere need to “Entertain” its target audience, we as a part of The Pop Street focus on getting “The Making” of these Power-Packed Women in front of our Viewers.

1st season of Let’s talk Sense where we had: Seema Puri (Lilliput owner) , Jyotika Bedi (Psychiatrist & Ted x speaker), Kritika Mahindra (incredible initiative “Wall on the art” owner) Smriti Puri (gentleman’s Club owner & Ficci FLO joint treasure),  Poonam Gurbuxani Puri (Co Founder – Gentleman’s Club ) Monisha Dagga ( Social worker ),

For 2nd season we had : Mrs. Chandro Tomar – Shooter dadi (one of the oldest sharpshooters in the world), Devika Malik (Co-founder – Wheeling Happiness) Mrs. Salma Ansari (an educationist and wife of the Hon. Ex Vice President of India), Divya Jain (Founder Safeducate) , Chetna Saini (Boxer)and many more…

2. Decode

#Decode, on the other hand, Focuses on decoding issues & to find easy and concrete solutions to eradicate Environmental Abuse by making sharp demands from our representatives and by doing our bit as a responsible citizen.

People Covered:

  • Mr. Kamal Mittle – Indian Environmental activist and CEO of Paharpur Business Centre and Software Technology Incubator park , Well known for his TED TALK- How to grow your own fresh air.
  • Mr. Kushgr – CoFounder of CHAKR INNOVATION & Finalist for Forbes Under 30 Impact Challenge.
  • Ms. Jyoti Sharma – Founder of Force NGO India
  • Peepal Baba – Founder Give Me Trees (Planted 20 Millions Trees across the country)
  • Prof C.R.Babu – Pro Vice Chancellor of  University of Delhi for 5 yrs, an Environmentalist & the man behind the NEELA HAUZ (vasant Kunj)
  • Shubhendu Sharma – Founder of Afforest (who has created 140 MINI FOREST across the country).

3. Challenge Accepted :

“Challenge Accepted” where Experts in their respective fields will be accepting thrilling & Mind Boggling Challenges. We as a part of The Pop Street focus on getting fun with some sense. This particular series looks upon the missing affection in the families today.

The whole scenario would be leading to a formation of a video so it reaches to a wider audience across  the country through our Social Digital Platform.

In our series “CHALLENGE ACCEPTED” involving experts from different genre.

4. Khana Tasted:

Khana Tasted ,  journey of, with and for the love of Food…

Covering the Best of Food in our Country.

Short Films

#baateinunsaid a SHORT FILM showcasing 3 different scenario’s of Parent-Child Bond on the occasion of Children’s Day. Putting forward a unique perspective of not keeping #baateinunsaid between the parent and the child.

The Screening of the movie was hosted by Ms. Salma Ansari – Wife of former Vice- President of India “Mohammad Hamid Ansari” & Founder of Al-Noor Charitable Society

Environment Initiatives:

The pop street & Happiness is Love at Aya Nagar Ravan dehan 8th oct 2019 to support PLASTIC DEHAN with the Aya Nagar Councillor MCD    Mr. Ved pal… Great start to bring the change …

Ban on Single use of plastic bags.

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